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-===== Macros =====+===== Macros/Virtual Hosts ===== 
 +Do not edit these directly. 
 +Use the config maintenance via bitbucket/git. 
 +See [[infra:Configuration Management]] 
 +Pull the files to your local machine and there, make changes, test, then commit them, push them to bitbucket and pull them to the vhost. 
 +Virtual hosts are listed in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ 
 +(Change to this directory before executing the commands mentioned below!) 
 +This is a list of virtual hosts. 
 +The heavier lifting is in vhosts.ih, where the conf files for the vhosts are built. 
 +To build, use the supplied hosts.cmd, which takes care of spurious output. You need REXX to do this. 
 +vhosts.ih contains common rules for all the virtual hosts, review this file to change them. 
 +When you add virtual hosts, you also have to update the DNS with entries for them. 
 +After that, wait some time, then, request TLS certificates: 
 +<code>certbot certonly -c letsencrypt.ini --apache</code>
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