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Moritz Hoffmann's web site

This website contains all kind of information collected by Moritz, mostly related to computer science.

About myself

I am a PhD student in Timothy Roscoe's group and being part of the Systems Group at ETH Zurich.

See my Curriculum Vitæ for more information.



  • EuroSys 2015 Doctoral Workshop: Rack-Aware Operating Systems. PDF


2015/04/23 15:00 · moritz


  • Barrelfish is a research operating system to explore multi- and many-core architectures using novel approaches from distributed systems. My research is in the field of scaling-out Barrelfish across many physical machines using low-latency interconnects.

Contact information

Reach me using moritz at antiguru dot de (private) or (ETH Zurich) or on the following web sites:


Current Activities

Past events

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