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 Drawback: on clients that can't be configured otherwise, answering mails received that way will result in the answers carrying your IMAP inbox address as sender. Drawback: on clients that can't be configured otherwise, answering mails received that way will result in the answers carrying your IMAP inbox address as sender.
 +===User Agents===
 +Icedove/​Thunderbird and Claws Mail work without problems with the setup described. Both clients support the creation of folders and will also check for mail delivered into subfolders by the sieve scripts.
 +Take care when creating new folders: If you don't create them as subfolders to the mailbox root, but instead as subfolders to INBOX, it may happen that you end up with an INBOX folder on the server, containing nothing but the aforementioned subfolder. This is because in this here setup, the INBOX is no folder, but only exists virtually. So: never create subfolders to INBOX, and you won't run into difficulties (like clients not even seeing these folders).
 +When it comes to **mobile user agents**, the picture changes: The stock email app for Android Lollipop, called '​GMail',​ does perform rather poorly with this setup. Subfolders show up in the folder tree of the account and after they'​ve been opened as recent labels (what seems to be Googlish for folders), too. But to see mail filed into these folders, you have to open them, they don't seem to get refreshed otherwise. Also, the overall layout of the app is very untidy and it is simply hard to use.
 +There are a lot of mail user agents or clients for Android, but most of them are either still a whole lot more ugly than GMail, or do not offer more functionality,​ or are infested with ads, or have to be paid before testing, or a combination of the above. In the jolly old times of WebOS, we had one email app which did its job greatly; now we have hundreds and all do their job poorly, or so it seems.
 +By 'doing its job' I mean: the email client should at least take note of mails appearing in subfolders, and possibly offer a unified inbox, a virtual folder where all unread mail is presented in a bundle. It should not pester you with advertisements and, if to be paid, at least be free to try out.
 +After testing dozens of email clients, I can conclude that I found only one that matched these criteria, and even to some extent surpassed them. It is called Aquamail[[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=org.kman.AquaMail&​hl=en|Play Store Link]], and it offers all the quoted features (you can even control which folders to use for the virtual inbox and which folders not to scan for new mail). The paid version even seems to allow to send mail from different sender addresses, which would perfectly fit our setup, but which remains hitherto untested. The app offers a clean design, tons of options (too many, indeed, for the menus, so that another layer of menus had to be hidden behind long presses on, e.g., folders, which I had some trouble to deduce at first), a nice widget which is a) resizable and b) updates after you read/​deleted a mail from the folder it shows (both being features Google seems to be unable to accomplish),​ and it does not use ads to get on your nerve, but decorates outgoing mails with a promotional signature (promised to disappear in the unlocked version).
 +So far, testing Aquamail has shown very positive results. I'll keep you updated.
 ==== TLDR; ==== ==== TLDR; ====
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