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Welcome has gone through some reorganization. To find the old content of, go to the archive. New content can be found on the wiki.

Moritz Hoffmann's web site

This website contains all kind of information collected by Moritz, mostly related to computer science.

About myself

I am a PhD student in Timothy Roscoe's group and being part of the Systems Group at ETH Zurich.

See my Curriculum Vitæ for more information.



  • EuroSys 2015 Doctoral Workshop: Rack-Aware Operating Systems. PDF


2015/04/23 15:00 · moritz


  • Barrelfish is a research operating system to explore multi- and many-core architectures using novel approaches from distributed systems. My research is in the field of scaling-out Barrelfish across many physical machines using low-latency interconnects.

Contact information

Reach me using moritz at antiguru dot de (private) or (ETH Zurich) or on the following web sites:


Current Activities

Past events
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